Thursday, March 3, 2016

My JumpStart Games Series Childhood Story

He's Celebrating his Birthday! 
In 2008, we went to the Shopping Mall with My Family to buy Video Game CDs. I was In 4th Grader, while My Brother is a 2nd Grader. Both of us are Gamers, until he found a Video Game for us at the store. He Bought Jumpstart 2nd Grade.

The Game improvises us inside the interactive Schoolhouse where we explore, and Study English, Math, Science, Music, Arts and Geography. I'm really like to explore new Places, like CJ, one of my Favorite Jumpstart Characters.

Moving to Present, I've became a Jumpstart Fan since I’ve bring Back Jumpstart 2nd Grade on my Computer last February. I've interested with this, so I've Download More JS Games on my List, which I'm going to Review below. I'll Get More JS Games if it's Available on the Archives. If you're ready, then Let's Move on with My Jumpstart Game Reviews:  
  • Jumpstart 2nd Grade - It is The First Game I’ve ever Played. I’ve enjoyed a lot of things, like Music, Arts, English, Science, Geography and Math. I don’t remember how I Send Mails to My Pen Pals in The United States. Now, I know how to Write for them and See the Wonders of My Dream Destination. I don’t know how to Play at the Ice Cave, and I’ve Improved my Performance Skills inside! We learned a lot of things, with the help of My New Best Friends. The Songs could remember it on my Mind! It’s Now on my Gaming Shelves because I’m Interested to bring back this game. I’ve even send it to Our Classroom’s PC and tested by Two 4th Grade Students who are also Best Friends and Our Class Teacher! Also, My BFF Miggy Garcia played this Game, too!
  • Jumpstart Preschool Classic Version – I’ve even want to try More Jumpstart, so I’ve played this game if I’m Bored. I Met The Preschool Squad – Casey, Eleanor, Kisha and Pierre inside the Classroom full of Fun. I’ve also sent it to The PC of our Classroom and tried by My Classmates with some Educational Problems.
  • Jumpstart Explorers – It helps me learn the World History! I’ll recommend it to my 7th Grade Cousin who wants to learn more about History. The Time Machine is Useful; it is the important thing in this Game. Plus, I’ve also make new Crafts based from the game! My Game Role is to be an Explorer like My Favorite BFFs in JS. Their Voice Acting is Amazing than it seems!
  • Jumpstart Advanced 1st Grade – It is the improved version of Jumpstart 1st Grade Classic and v.2. The Previous Ones are Incompatible with Windows 7. The Challenge is to Ride the Scooter and Get the Trophy in the Race. You’ll also help them in their designated areas and Grab the Power-Ups. I’d enjoyed this Game So Much.
  • Jumpstart Advanced 2nd Grade – In The Advanced Version, CJ and Edison are Back Again as Spies of Jumpstart Intelligence Agency (JIA). With the Help of Frankie, Hopsalot and Lucy, You can undo the Problems around Jumpstartville. The Gameplay is Amazing, and it should help me in my Studies as an upcoming 10th Grade Student.
  • Jumpstart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain – This is where I’ll improve my Studies for the Upcoming Exams next Week. There are lots of Discoveries there to Save the History beyond time. There are some Puzzles and Challenges to do. My Brother tried to play this game and he thinks that it’s awesome.
  • Jumpstart Adventures 4th Grade: Sapphire Falls – In Sapphire Falls, Two 4th Grade Students and Journalists solves the Mystery of Sapphire Falls. Solving Math Problems are Hard, so I’ll need help with someone. I’m should try to play with Math, nor do I like English. The First Version, Haunted Island is very scary, but I’ll need to decide if I’m going to play this Scary Game. My Friend, Miggy tried Both Versions of the game.
  • Jumpstart Adventure Challenge – This game is Easy for me, but the difficult one is in the Arcade. As an Editor in Chief of the Magazine, There are 4 Games to try inside Adventure World and earn new Cool Stuff in my Publication.
  • Jumpstart Math for Second Graders – This Game is so Much Fun to Play it. My Brother and I are playing this game together. My BFFs CJ and Edison are saving the Princess’ Royal Family by solving Math Problems.
  • Jumpstart Reading for Second Graders – Here, you can search the Hidden City beneath the Jewels. I’ve love to Learn English as my Mother Language. My Favorite JS Character returns as they explore the Mysteries.
  • Jumpstart Artist - Because Kisha and I are Artistic, I'm enjoying this game to learn more about The Power of Creativity and Imagination at the Art Fair. I can help her Build the Carnival with the Blueprint, too! 
Okay, that’s it for my Review. I’ll tell you about my Favorites in JS Series. In an All Star Quiz, I’ve got Frankie, the Team Leader of the JS Squad (and The Birthday Celebrant). Second in the results is Eleanor, because both of us love to read Books. And third is Kisha, because we like to Draw and Color. My Favorite Jumpstart Character is CJ, where I met him first in My First Game, Jumpstart 2nd Grade. This is followed by Frankie in the list. Frankie’s voice in JS Advanced Series and CJ from JS 2nd Grade are my Favorites. Most of All, I don’t have my Favorite Jumpstart Game. I Love them all!

I guess all of you are playing Jumpstart since you were in School Days, Right? As of today, it’s Still Alive! They’ve even got their Virtual Online Game, even in mobile and console forms, too! Also, I’ve bought a Jumpstart Pre-K Jumbo Workbook at the Bookstore last February as a reward for being a Grand Winner in A Journalism Training Competition at School. I’ll hope that JS would improve more with their New Games and A Dream Educational TV Series for Kids!

Tell Me: What Jumpstart Game did you play since Childhood and Why?

I’ll want to dedicate this Blog Post to The Birthday Celebrant, Frankie! He’s My Inspiration in the Jumpstart Series as we were both Leaders in Social Life. I don’t meet him in JS 1st Grade, but in JS Advanced Series. I’ll hope I’ll met him in the Virtual Online World and make him as a friend and a Mentor. This is for you, My New Friend!

Happy Birthday, Frankie!