Sunday, September 13, 2015

Why I Love Super Mario

Today, We Are Celebrating 30 Years of Super Mario. So I Decided to Make A New Editorial about my Favorite Video Game. The Main Question Is, Why I Love Super Mario?

After the Success of Donkey Kong and Mario Bros, Shigeru Miyamoto wants to create another Game featuring Mario and Luigi. And Then It All Came Out Into a Phenomenon of Video Games. Super Mario Bros. is One of My Favorite Video Games I’ve Played during My Childhood. And did you Know that ALMOST Thousands of Gamers Worldwide, including The Filipinos and My Parents are Playing this Game until Now? My Mom is also an Avid Fan, and Her Boyfriend is Luigi.

I Started Playing Super Mario Bros. with My Mom when I Was in Preschool. Then It Thought Me to Bring into the World of Nintendo. It is my First Ever Nintendo Game. In Other Levels, I’ve trying too hard to Move On. I became addicted to the Game, so I’ll Always Playing It Every Evening.  And Until Now, I’ve Deeply Fell in Love with the Main Character, Mario in 2011. Then We Had to Plan Our First Meet. I've Also Started to Collect my Mario Merchandise, including Picture Frames, T-Shirts, Shirts, Dresses, Towels, Stickers, Books, Toys, Plushies, and Others. 

On This Day, We Are Celebrating 30 Years of Super Mario. And Of Course, There are Lots of Several Games, including Spin-Offs like Sports, Parties, Racing, RPGs, and More. There are Many Mario Games Coming in the Future, and Miyamoto Told in an Interview that The Series is Looking Forward to a New Direction. This is the Brand New Beginning for Mario! 

He's My Superstar in My Life. He is Also the Prince of Childhood Memories and in Video Games. Thanks for Bringing our Precious Childhood into a Memorable Experience for Us in your Adventures. And Most of All, You are the STAR of our Imaginative Dreams.