Friday, July 10, 2015

Nintendo's Future: Mobile Games

Nintendo is such a Happier Video Game Company with their Wii U and 3DS Games, plus Amiibos, Miiverse, Upcoming Games, Nintendo NX, Quality of Life, A Theme Park, and of Course, I’m Talking about their Mobile Games.

In The Philippines, Almost many Users are now using Mobile Phones. Their Favorite Games are Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds and The Like. Clash of Clans are Getting their TV Advertisement, Angry Birds showing their Own Cartoons on TV and Candy Crush has Many Merchandises. Mobile Games are Now the Part of Philippine’s Pop Culture.

Their Rival Company, Sega enters the World of Mobile Games by Publishing Sonic Dash, Jump, and Runners. They are Also Inviting Rovio to Put Red from Angry Birds Epic in Sonic Dash. As of now I Guess Sega is going slow than Sonic’s Speed.

How About Nintendo?

Previously, Nintendo and DeNA (The Japanese Mobile Game Company that also publishes Mobile Games like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy) collaborated together and decided to make their Mobile Games. They’re going to Release 5 Nintendo IPs in Different Genres until March 2017. I guess their First Nintendo Mobile Game will be released by the End of the Year and I Predict It could be related to Mario. I Really Also Want an Animal Crossing Mobile Game (because the Game is so Cute).

While we’re Waiting, Pokemon Shuffle is Now Bringing to Mobile Devices because of its Popularity as Nintendo 3DS’s Favorite Games. You can now play it anywhere; even you’re on the Go. I really think everything will be free, but with in-app game Purchases, It’s Okay to Do it.

Publishing Nintendo’s Mobile Games will make the Company Famous. It can Increase their Company Demands. And it seems the Philippines is going back to Nintendo Addiction and introduces them to the Newest Generation of Gamers. Let’s Get Spreading the Word!

Photo Credit: Vooks