Friday, June 12, 2015

How to Feel like E3 at Home: An E3 Expo Party Planning Guide

Hey, Gamers! E3 2015 is coming next Month. I’m Super Excited, How About You? Last Year, I was Attending E3 at home, because it is Raining All Day. My Mother covered me with Umbrellas and took me a Picture. I played some of my LSS-worthy Music on my Phone.  This is my Third Time to Attend the Event. The First one (2013) makes my day go crazy. My Computer Broke Away, but my Dad Helped Me and It Doesn’t Work for One Year. But At Last, I am Finally Going to E3 the Following Year (2014) with Umbrellas and Stuff.  

School is over for you.  And If You Can’t Go to E3 2015 like mine, then I Have a Brand New Idea to Try Yourself:  You can make your very own E3 Party with your Friends! 

1.  Before the Most Prestigious Video Game Holiday, Invite your Fellow Gamers and Neighbors in your Community for Two Weeks. Create or Print your own Invites for the Party. To make it Perfect, You May Include a Name Tag (Like Media People Wear on Events or Coverage, and It’s like an ID Card.) with the E3 Logo. Just Remember, No Name Tag/Invitation, No Entry!
2.  Prepare some Foods and Drinks. The Perfect Party Food is Snacks, Juice/Tea, Biscuits, and Pizza! Also tell your Friends to bring Snacks, like you’re having a Tea Party. You Must Know The Etiquette, Gamers!
3.  Bring Consoles, Handhelds, and Tablets! While you’re on a Break, Why Not Bring these on the Party? After Playing, Put it back to your Pouch or Case in case you Missed It.  And Also, You Can Bring Your Favorite Video Games and Collections, Too. 
4.  The Perfect Party Décor is Video Games! Display your Game Posters, Cases, and Your Game Collection to Create a Perfect Party Look. Tell Your Friends to wear your Favorite Video Game Shirts to show off your Style.
5.  Set up a Projector, TV, Computer, Laptop or Console to Watch the Press Conferences and E3 Events and Play Games with your Friends, even when you’re on a Break.
6.  Don’t Forget to Bring a Notebook and Pens to List off Notes, Upcoming Games, Release Dates, and News. And Oh, Bring a Camera (or a Camera Phone and Chargers) to Take some Memorable Photos and Upload it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the Hashtags #E3Party #E32015 and #E3. Don’t Forget to Post your Party Photos on Our FB Fan Page!
7.  Try Some Fun Activities like E3 Bingo Game. This is a Classic Twist where you can Cross Out what you see during Press Conferences or Game Announcements like Nintendo Direct Presentations. You may Search it on Google for Examples.
8.  Don’t Forget to Give a Thank You Card and Gifts to Everyone as a Souvenir. You May Invite your Friends Again on the Next E3 Parties, and even Game Announcements.  

Here are More Things to try during the Party:

*For a Slumber Party, You may bring Pillows and Additional Sleepwear. If you’re watching a Movie Marathon, You may choose some Video Game Themed Movies like Wreck It Ralph, Spy Kids 3, and Final Fantasy Series. Or you can tell your Favorite Story from the game you’ve played or Continue Playing Multiplayer Games on your Consoles or Handhelds.
*To start off the Summer Heat, Join on a Pool Party or Play a Shooting Game using Water Guns ala Splatoon and Call of Duty IRL. Don’t Forget to Serve Refreshing Drinks and Snacks!

That’s All for My E3 Party Planning Guide. As You Understand Everything in this list, you must ask your Parent’s Permission First before You Do This. Enjoy the Party!