Friday, June 12, 2015

An Introduction to E3 2015 - Experience the Evolution

E3 2015 Is Coming. Before We Begin, I Want to Tell My Story about my Experiences in The Previous Years with The Most Prestigious Video Game Expo.

Before The Prestigious Video Game Expo is inaugurated, there is a Video Game Crisis between The Competition on 3 Companies, Nintendo, Sega and Sony. They are always showing their New Products in every Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES is Mostly Had Millions of Video Game Booths. Later, They Fuse Each Other to Form Their Very Own Video Game Expo.

The First E3 1995 Has Amazing Happenings. Sony Welcomes to the World of Video Games, Joining with   Nintendo and Sega’s New Console Showdown. 3 Main Game Companies Showed the Newest Game Consoles: Sony’s Playstation, Sega’s Saturn, and Nintendo’s Ultra (Renamed as Nintendo 64) and Virtual Boy (Which turned out into a Commercial Failure). The Successful Expo has 49,000 Attendees.

With Live Television Broadcasts, Viral Memes, Notable Special Guests, Hype Trains, and Upcoming Game Releases, This will be A Perfect Video Game Expo in History, Following through the Years. In 2007 and 2008, E3 Changed The New Format to E3 Media and Business Summit, which Decreases the Attendees to 10,000 in 2007 and 5,000 in 2008. It was Reversed to The Normal E3 in 2009.

In 2013, My Friends are inviting me over to E3 2013. It Was My First Attendance, including Sony’s PS4 Reveal, Xbox One Announcement, and Konami’s E3 Press Con. Later, they’ll Going to Bring Me to Several Press Conferences. That Includes the Reveal of Nintendo’s Hit Fighting Game Super Smash Bros., PS4 and Xbox One Reveal, and Several Surprises. After Nintendo’s Announcement, It turned out. My Computer is Broken. And Sadly, I Became Sick and I Can’t Go On. I will try to come Next Year.

The Following Year in 2014, I Am Super Hyped For E3 since One Week before The Video Game Expo. I Invited my Classmates at School, Too. For The First Time in Forever, I’m Happily Attended the Event for A Straight Week! My Mom Told Me to Display Umbrella above my Desk to Avoid Raindrops falling down. I Also Wear Several VGame OOTDs to Match Up each Week, Mostly My Favorite Super Mario Apparel. As A Journalist, I Listened to These Press Conferences from The Top VGame Companies. One of My Faves is Nintendo. While I Searching for E3 News on FB, My Mind said that E3 is Like a Video Game Holiday with a Mixture of Christmas, Birthdays, and Parties.

I’m Attending E3 2015 Once Again. Being As a New Video Game Journalist is Fun, and T2P Video Games Central is My Headquarters. Luckily I’m Going to Review for Diagnostic Tests by Thursday and Friday at School in the Afternoon, while E3 was Held from Midnight to Dawn. Sadly, I Can’t Attend Bethesda’s Press Con because of My Classes. And If I Haven’t Attend the Event, I’m Going Crazy. I am Attending 5 Press Cons and 2 Events in E3. I’m So Excited for This! Because of My Love for Video Games, T2P Video Games Central is having a Live Coverage for E3 2015! I’m Going to Be There on Tuesday for The Live Coverage.

See You On The Hype Train!