Thursday, June 11, 2015

Splatoon - Info and Review

Every Shooting Game has Weapons, Guns, and Snipers. It Has a Different Theme, Such as Wars, Soldiers, and Swag. But The Newest Nintendo Shooting Game would Kick Ass!

As Introduced in Nintendo Digital Event Last Year, Splatoon is The Latest Shooting Game Where the Teenage Fashionable Humans who Transforms into a Squid, Known as the Inklings are Using Weapons. Splatoon is NOT Violent for Kids, but This will be A Fun Summer Game. The Guns are Not Using Bullets, so they are Using Ink Instead. And Do You Know that Those Kids are Also Turning to Squids? Thanks to the Cheesy Splatoon Commercial, The Song is turning to be A Viral Hit.

According to K-Zone Magazine PH, Splatoon is like Paintball. As You Explore Inkopolis, You Will See Different Fashion Stores ala Divisoria (The Shopping Capital of Manila, Philippines). Each Weapon can Level Up with Powerful Ammos and Fashionable Outfits and Accessories can also Help You WIN The Battle. Before Including Squid Kids, They are Using Other Characters. That Includes Macho Men, Animals, and Mario (Because of Super Mario Sunshine).  I Totally Liked the Idea when the Developers changed it into Inklings.

There are Two Modes for The Game: Hero and Turf. In Hero Mode, You will become a Squid Kid (Actually) and Defeat the Octopi Clan. It’s Like a Mix of Team Fortress, Halo and Call of Duty. And In Turf Mode, You can invite your Friends to join on a 4-on-4 Multiplayer Battle without Using Water Guns or Nerf. You Can Pick What Color would you want for your Team! And Remember, There is NO VOICE CHAT. Get It? Over the Last Weekends, Many Gamers are trying to join the Splatoon Global Testfire Battle as a Demo. It’s like a Huge Pool Party, and at the End of the Game, They’ll Really Enjoyed It. Plus, The Splatoon Amiibo will give you More Challenges and More DLCs are coming to your Way soon.

Because of this Amazing Game, I’ll give It 9 Stars. The Inklings are So Cute. The Music remixed with Pop and Party Music, The Graphics are Too Cool, and The Gameplay is better the Any Violent Shooting Games. This would be the GOTY!

Splatoon is Now Available for Wii U at your Nearest Game Stores and Nintendo eShop. For More Details and Upcoming Updates for The Hit Shooting Game, You can check out the Official Website at and Follow the Squid Research Lab at

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