Friday, July 10, 2015

Fabulous: Angela's Sweet Revenge Review

Fabulous: Angela’s Sweet Revenge is a Very Fun Fashion Game. This would be my First Ever PC Casual Game Review in my Blog featuring Gamehouse’s Upcoming Game.

Did Everyone Remember the Easter egg in Delicious: Emily’s Childhood Memories about Angela’s Sewing Machine? It says that Emily’s Sister is getting her Fashion Game. While in Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise, You can see that Angela is having her own Boutique at the Cruise. After 4 Years of Waiting, A Brand New Delicious Spin-Off Game is here at Last. 

Fabulous: Angela’s Sweet Revenge is like Delicious, but with A Fashionable Theme. After their Second Wedding (The First One was Emily’s True Love where I Also came to the Wedding), Angela moves to New York City and meets Her New Friends: Kitty, Jenny and Virginia. As She Gets her New Job as a Fashion Designer, Yum-Mee wants to have her Revenge with her, and Angela’s Husband, Jimmy joins the Fight. In the Next Episodes, Angela controls her Emotions and she has her Own World. And you will find out about Jimmy’s Secret to Angela.

For the Storyline, It is a Mixture of Romance, Comedy and Drama. While in Gameplay, It Feels like You’re Playing Delicious Games with A Fashionable Twist. Angela’s Designs are So Fabulous; even My Favorite is Oriental Green. You can Now Choose the Designs as you Want. The Graphics are getting better than Emily’s, and the Main Theme Song, “This is me” is Very Catchy with Confetti and Sparkles. 

 It’s a Must Try for Players who are Always Playing Time Management Games and Loves Fashion. And if you haven’t played Delicious Games, Try this One. This would be the Next Favorite Time Management Fashion Game for Everyone. I will give it A Perfect 10 Because of Her Designs, Sparkles and Storyline. Congratulations to Gamehouse for Developing a Wonderful Fashion Game to the Audience.

I Love this Game because of Sparkles and Fashion. But Sadly, I Can't Finish the First Level Because My Computer Restarts while Playing Every Delicious and Fabulous Game. I Guess it's from the Video Card or Motherboard. And Of Course, My Dad will be Fixing the Problem As Well. I'm Going to Play on my Android Phone Instead with Other Delicious Games.

For those who are Really Excited to Try Fabulous: Angela’s Sweet Revenge, You may try it for free! You Can Download the Game Here at This Link. But First, You Must Be a Gamehouse FunPass User. In Case You Haven’t Know about it, then click this Link and get a Free Trial: And if you’re not a FunPass Member, The Game will be released on July 24 for PC, while the iOS and Android Versions will be also coming in a few weeks.

Remember, This Game contains 4 Levels. If You Love this Game, then Gamehouse will give you A Full Game with Many Levels. Don’t Forget to Give a Positive Review at Gamehouse if you like it. 

For More Details about Fabulous: Angela's Sweet Revenge, Like Their Facebook Page and Visit their Website

Update: OMG Gamehouse Replied Me! There's a Small Change that Amber is Renamed to Kitty. So Amber is Used during The Development Days before Renaming it to Kitty. It was Such a Nice Name, But Thanks!