Friday, July 31, 2015

Gaming Journalism through Philippine Magazines

Throughout the Internet, Gaming Journalism is the Part of The Stories of Pop Culture. Like Kotaku and IGN, These Websites has a lot of Gaming News Content, Especially Controversies and Mostly Featured Topics. Many of them have Bashers, which are going to annoy the Journalists. But This Time, I’m to be a Gaming Journalist. As a Junior Gaming Journalist, I can Share the Information to the World. My Classmates and I are at the School Library, next to our Classroom. We’re resting up to Prepare for Our Dance Competition. Later, I Began Reading at the Magazine Shelves. I was Amazed at the Cover of a Gaming Magazine. It teaches me to become a Gaming Journalist, Thanks to GamesMaster Magazine.

GamesMaster is the First Gaming Magazine in the Philippines.  It was bought by Future Plc in United Kingdom to the Philippines by Summit Media to Promote Video Games for Filipinos on September 2003 and ceased on September 2006. It Features Many Reviews, Sneak Peeks, News, Events, and Lots of Gaming Related Stories. They are also giving Away Rare Prizes like Consoles, Handhelds and Games, Too.  It inspires me Severe Information about Gaming.

After GamesMaster was Gone, All of the Gaming Related Articles are Moving to K-Zone. It is a Children’s Magazine for Young Boys, Girls, Teens and Fans, which is owned also by Summit Media. KZ Magazine always features Video Game Topics in their Monthly GameZone Section. Like GamesMaster, This Section focuses on their Old, Latest and Upcoming Games, News, Events, Cheats, and More. They also had a Special Column where everyone can submit their Tips, Cheats, Questions, Reviews, Favorites, and Avatars. It Does NOT Bring Violent Games with Swear Words because it is a Children’s Magazine. All of your Favorite Games are Mostly Featured There. This is where I started learning Gaming Journalism since I Read My First Issue on December 2013.

As of Now, Many Technology Magazines are joining through Gaming Journalism for a Short While. We can see the Future of Gaming Journalism for all of us. If you want to be a Gaming Journalist, then here’s a Tip: Making a Blog like T2P Video Games Central will be your Training Ground. Reading other Articles like Kotaku, IGN, Polygon, My Nintendo News, Gamnesia and GamesRadar and Other Gaming Magazines are your Assistants to write a Story. Pens and Papers will be your Helpers. And Always Remember: Practice makes Perfect.