Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's New in Delicious Games - Emily's Home Sweet Home and More

I Like Delicious Games. From the Beginning in 2011 (just before my Birthday), My Friend, Alvin recommends me a Brand New Delicious Game, Emily’s Childhood Memories. I finished it many times. I Haven’t Played the Previous Games, so this will be the Starter Game with an Enhanced Story. Then it follows me to Emily’s True Love, where I Became the Part of the Story in Level 1-8. My Next Mission is to Play Delicious: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise in Spanish Language to let me learn new words. I Haven’t Finished Emily’s New Beginnings because my PC is always turning off instantly. (Because My Brother told me there’s a Virus). I should try it in A Mobile Version Instead. My Neighbors and Relatives in Manila are also Fans of Delicious Games!

In an Unexpected Way, A Brand New Delicious Game entitled “Emily’s Home Sweet Home” is Out Now! BTW, Emily is moving to her new home for the 3rd Time. I came to a Sneak Peek Party last May 19. In The Previous Installments, There are 50-60 Levels, but in Emily’s Home Sweet Home, There are 90 Levels, perfect for Avid Fans of Delicious Games. Plus, there are Some Extra Challenges, where there is no Story but a Challenging Game play, like Sending Invitations in Emily’s Wonder Wedding. It’s like you’re playing a Mobile Version on a Huge Tablet. If The Game Releases Next Month, then I Will Try the Full Version of the Game, thanks to someone who gave me to try it first. This Game will be released Today for Gamehouse Funpass Membership and Amazon, while The Other Versions is releasing on June 18.

There’s a Brand New Delicious Site, where you can sign up to be an Ambassador for only $99. If You Become an Ambassador, you can make your own Characters, Choose your Favorite Dishes, and Your Name will be shown on the Credits! You can be a Game Developer in no time! Go to and Sign up Now.

In The Meanwhile, Did you saw the Easter egg about Angela’s Sewing Machine in Emily’s Childhood Memories? Emily’s Sister, Angela has her own Game this coming July with the Working Title, Fabulous Angela. It’s all about a Fashion Game, where she is running her very own Boutique. Maybe you will see more of Emily and Angela in their New Looks. Before the Game’s Announcement, I Drew some Concept Arts about Angela working as a Fashion Designer in Paris. I Named the Game “Angela’s Fashions”.

Watch out for These Upcoming Games: Delicious: Emily’s Home Sweet Home and Fabulous Angela in Gamehouse and Zylom! Like their Official FB Pages:

Gamehouse and Zylom for Pictures and References