Thursday, June 11, 2015

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U & 3DS Update - Lucas & Splatoon

In The Previous Nintendo direct last April, The Mewtwo DLC Reveals the Release Date in Super Smash Bros for the People who haven’t registered last year. Here’s Another Chance: The Lucas DLC was Also Showed. Masahiro Sakurai, SSB Director Posted on His Miiverse Today. Here’s What the SSB Director Said:
"Hey, Sakurai here. Long time no see. I'm happy to announce that Lucas will be available beginning 08:00 AM on June 14 (PT), 17:00 (CEST) on June 14th, and 01:00 AM on June 15 (AEST). The Splatoon Mii Fighter gear and the Miiverse stage for the Wii U version are included in this update as well. It'll be here soon! Lucas is already finished, and I've been playing with him daily. It's really satisfying when his up smash and Meteor Smash attacks connect."
The Lucas DLC will be Available by June 14, with Splatoon Goodies for your Mii Fighter and Miiverse Stage for Wii U. The 2nd SSB4 DLC is Already Finished. He’s Always Use Lucas in the Game. In The Splatoon Direct, They Are Also Giving Away Splatoon Gear for Mii Fighters if they Pre-Order in The Game Store. This is The Early E3 2015 Gift for Us. I Can’t Wait for More DLCs when they showed it in Nintendo Digital Event!

So, What Do You Think About Lucas? Which Character Would you Like to Bring in SSB4 as DLC?

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Photo Credits: Smash Bros. Official Website
Info Credits: Shulk of Super Smash Bros. 4 FB Fan Page & Sakurai's Miiverse Page