Thursday, June 11, 2015

Welcome To T2P Video Games Central!

As I Began Writing my First Successful Blog, T2P Games is the only Thing I Did, Together with My Friend, Alvin. We first met together in 2011. We Finally Build Our Own Blogs.  At First Glance, It is a Site where you can download 3F – Free, Full, and Fun Games. After 2 Years, Alvin’s Blog is going to close. After few months on New Year’s Eve, I Also closed my Site to begin a New Leaf. Then, I Began Writing my Nintendo Blog – which is also Shutting Down.

In January 1 2014, I Started Opening my Brand New Barbie Magazine Philippines Blog. It Began as a Construction Site, and Now, This is where I Post Barbie and K-Zone Magazine Stuff.  My Blog Runs Smoothly.

I Like Video Games. I Started Playing when I was 4 Years Old on My First computer. Today, I’m now a Video Game Fangirl. I’m An Avid Fan of Nintendo, while I’m Still Discovering about the Other Games from Microsoft and Sony. Right Now, I Decided to Create my Very Own Video Game Blog. I am Dreaming to be a Gaming Journalist. It’s All Started Right Here on my Newest Home.

Welcome to T2P Video Game Central.

In My Newest Blog, I Will Talk About Video Game Stuff, plus News, Info, Reviews, and Surprises. Because School is Coming, I Will Try to Balance Both of Them. Plus, As E3 2015 is approaching; My Blog will have Coverage about the Most Prestigious Video Game Holiday, including Press Cons, Sneak Peeks of your Favorite and Upcoming Games, and a Whole Lot More.

And Sure, We’re going to be Here Together in our New Home.

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I Hope You will enjoy my Newest Blog!