Monday, June 13, 2016

T2P @ E3 2016: EA Play Event Highlights

Yesterday, I’ve heard some Updates from our Friends at Electronic Arts. They are not attending E3 2016, but they’ve hold a very special Event called “EA Play”. I’m bringing some good news for you straight from the event.
  • *Mass Effect: Andromeda shows the whole footage of the upcoming game. More Details of the game is coming this fall.
  • *Battlefield 1 focuses on more battles. It looks cool tho. 
  • *EA is working on a Star Wars Battlefront Sequel from DICE! And Speaking of Star Wars, Change is coming for the future SW Games. May the Force Be With You, Gamers!
  • *Titanfall 2 releases on Xbox One, 360 & PC with an awesome Single Player Campaign. Just Wait for October 28 to grab this game.
  • *Swedish Game Company, Zoink Games announces Fe, an EA Original Indie Game where you’re going to explore the forest as a cub all alone itself.
  • *EA Sports’ Fifa 17 has The Journey Mode where you can be a star of your own Football Story, while Madden NFL 17 gets a new trailer. Good thing that they are awarding One Million Dollars to the Top Players of the game!  
Photo by Vince Z.
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